Christmas Lights & Night Photography Workshop

To participate in the Christmas Lights and Night Photography Workshop, you will require a level of knowledge equal to completing the Beginner Photography Workshop. Also, a tripod is required for any Night Photography. If you do not have one, we can hire them to you for £7 for the night. Please note, this Workshop will last for approx 3 hours and will involve walking from one location to another. Dress warmly for 3 hours outside and wear comfortable shoes. Bring gloves and a hat and an umbrella/ rain jacket, just in case.

Available Dates in 2016:
Saturday 19 November Start 15:25
Saturday 3 December Start 15:10
Monday 12 December Start 15:10
Saturday 18 December Start 15:10

Duration: 3 hours
Where: Meet at Trafalgar Square at the base of the George IV statue
Cost: £110 per person
Maximum attendees: 6

Christmas Lights and Night Photography Workshop content:
What kit you need for night and low light photography
What your camera can achieve in night and low light conditions
What settings to use on your camera at night
What creative options there are for making striking pictures at this time of day
How to take photos of street decorations
Coping with bright lights/extreme of light
Creating Bokeh
What to think about when composing a picture of a night scene
How to capture movement -e.g. passers by, boats, traffic light trails etc
How to see the balance between natural and artifial light sources and combining the two to great effect
How to spot the potential for a good night scene during the day time